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December 23, 2011

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Do you want an employment opportunity in the state of Florida? If so, you may want to visit www.floridajobs.org, a website created by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (also known as DEO). This site serves not only people trying to find a job in Florida, but also for unemployed individuals trying to file their unemployment compensation benefits claims online.

On floridajobs.org, there is a list of job search resources for Florida workers. If you are actively hunting for jobs and need to do some research on work opportunities, you will find the listed employment resources quite useful. With these helpful resources, you can create a perfect resume easily and apply for jobs online right away.

For instance, you will find the link to employforida.com, the site for “Employ Florida Marketplace”. It is a must-visit website for all the people who are interested in Florida employment opportunities. With this online resource, job seekers can run Florida job search and find the positions best matched with their educational background and/or professional skills. They can register an account and gain full access to the provided services such as searching for job openings, posting a CV on the internet, getting career advice, finding information about training programs and so on.

In addition to regular job searching function, the site also tries to help people with special needs or interests. For instance, they have sections specifically designed for helping seniors, veterans and persons with disabilities to locate work opportunities. If job seekers who want to work in clean transportation fields or find other Green-sector jobs, they also provide the link for the Green Jobs search to meet these needs.

Some people may not want to limit their job locations in Florida. They want to increase their chances to find their ideal jobs by searching for employment opportunities nation-wide. That is why they may be glad to find the Job Central National Labor Exchange link on the site.

If you want to get career help in person, you may want to visit the One-stop career center near you. If you don’t know how to get there, you can check the one-stop career center directory on on floridajobs.org. It is quite convenient to use the directory. They have shown a map with all the center locations and names listed.

In summary, if you are having difficulty finding a job in Florida, you may get some online help at www.floridajobs.org, a site listing many valuable Florida job search resources.

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