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December 17, 2011

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Www.caljobs.ca.gov is a website established by the Employment Development Department (also known as EDD), a California State agency. What is California Jobs Service (CalJobs) for? Caljobs is a web-based system which connects employers with job hunters. Business owners can post job-openings in their database and find the employees they need. Jobseekers can search for jobs on the site and deposit their CVs in the system if they like. The following is a simple guide on how to register for California Jobs Service.

1. Users have to choose the account type that they want to register first. There are two types of account available on caljobs.ca.gov since this web site serves both employers and job seeking individuals. If you are an employer who wants to recruit new workers for your business, you should sign up for an employment account. If you are seeking new working opportunities and would like to use the CalJOBS system to search job listings and/or post your resume, you will need a job seeker account.

2. For the employer registration, applicants need to provide information about their business and the contact person completing the job service registration request. The first and most important information that they have to provide is their California Employer Account number (EAN), also known as EDD number. If you don’t know what the EAN (or EDD) number of your company is, you may find it on your company’s quarter report for unemployment insurance. At the end of the registration form, employers can choose whether they want to show their employee benefits on their job listing. If the answer is yes, they can select the benefits they want to show from a list including medical, retirement plan, dental, child care, life insurance and so on.

3. To register a job seeker account in the CalJOBS system, applicants have to give their social security number (SSN). Many people may wonder why they need SSN to create an account to use the California jobs service. The reason is that it is for the statistics purpose for the department of labor so it is required by the state of California. After confirming your SSN, you also need to type in your date of birth. At the end of registration, you will have a chance to create a username for your account login purpose.

After becoming registered users, employers can start to post job openings and/or run a quick search in the resume database to find their qualified candidates; jobseekers can search jobs in tons of position listings and apply for the ones that they want most.

In conclusion, if you want to enjoy the California Job Service (Caljobs) in full, you have to sign up for an account at www.caljobs.ca.gov., a web site brought to you by Employment Development Department of Calforina.

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