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June 26, 2011

in Unemployment

Www.moclaim.mo.gov is the website for the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations and it is particularly useful for people who want to file Missouri Unemployment Claims.

This website is established to help people residing in the state of Missouri solve job and employment issues. For instance, if you are a Missouri resident and lost your job because of a natural disaster, you may be eligible to get DUA, which stands for Disaster Unemployment Assistance. The deadline of the DUA application varies and depends on where you live. For example, if you live in St. Louis, the filing deadline for your DUA claim is 06/16/2011. However, if you live in Reynolds, the deadline is 07/1/2011. To learn more information about whether you are eligible for DUA, you should visit this Moclaim site or call 1-800-788-4002. If you prefer to file your DUA application on the site, you have to answer a poll question regarding your unemployment claim reason. Once you made your choice, you will be automatically redirected to the MO Unemployment Insurance benefit claims online filing page where you can start to file a claim. This page is not only good for filing new MO unemployment claims, but also for renewing existing claims or filing for weekly claims.

If you have filed for your unemployment insurance benefit claim and want to check your application status, you should visit the “unemployed workers” section. Here is the direct link to the page: http://www.labor.mo.gov/DES/Claims/. This page is also useful for MO UI benefit receivers to check their Access debit card balance online and unemployed workers who are looking for jobs.

It is unfortunate that you have lost your job. But fortunately, you may get some financial aid during your unemployed period. To check Missouri UI benefit eligibility or file Missouri unemployment claims, visit the MO unemployment insurance claim site at http://www.moclaim.mo.gov.

For MO residents who are seeking job, the Missouri Career Source web site might be also useful.


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